Saturday, May 15, 2010

Working with Davi Weddings and Crown Jewel Events

This past May I got to work with James Tramondo of Davi weddings. This was a triple threat wedding as there were three event planners at the wedding! For vendors one is usually more then enough...LOL We performed day of coordination for a fellow planner and friend, Carmella Dellaporte of Crown Jewel Events. Over this past year she has worked to plan a multi heritage wedding to incorporate both Italian and Scottish traditions Carmella was so precise on every last detail of the planning and design. Carmella even worked with her florist brought in from Chicago on all the centerpieces. All of the little details such as table names from there favorite NY neighborhoods to favors and programs made this wedding perfect. I felt the it had beautiful fashion. I thought the kilted armor from groomsmen was so eclectic and looked fabulous for pictures. The ladies were just as fashionable color coordinating with the of the groomsmen.

The ceremony was beautiful and I got to learn more about Scottish traditions. One in particular that I really took note of was the ceremonial draping of the wedding sash. This is a sash made from the family's specific tartan and is draped over the bride signifying the acceptance from the family and the desire of the bride to be part of the clan.

Another interesting part of the ceremony was the "Throwing of the Coins" It is a Celtic tradition for the bride and groom to throw coins to wedding guests as they exit the ceremony site so that the couple can be blessed with good luck and prosperity.

The day was filled with fun and entertainment. The family was one of the best I have worked with. It was really great to be able help a fellow planner on her big day.

Best to Carmella and Scott!
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