Friday, May 15, 2009

Opportunity Knocks

It wasn't until last year when the financial markets almost went bust that I realized I want to wake up everyday and be truly passionate about what I am doing. It was September of 2008 and I just given birth to my little girl Jordin and while being home on maternity leave I saw my company going under before my very eyes. Well at that moment it actually opened my eyes that my future was uncertain. After applying for multiple jobs and getting no where and truly knowing that I would be taking a step backwards in my career; I decided to focus my energy in event planning. I sent emails, resumes and made phone calls to well know event planners throughout the city hoping I would get the chance to even speak with one them. Then at last, opportunity knocks, I received a phone call from James Tramondo himself. He is the high energy, Italian, New York wedding planner from Style Network, "Who's Wedding is Anyway". I could not believe my ears. He told me he always promised himself he would help out someone that is trying get into this business. He offered me the opportunity to shadow him on an upcoming wedding he was planning. I took full advantage of his offer worked apart his coordinating team for a wedding on eastern Long Island. Since then he has kept me abreast of parties he working on, asked for my assistance with research and soon will have the opportunity to take the lead on an upcoming wedding. Not only is James a great mentor and sounding board for me but I hope that we become great friends.
This is the perfect example for everyone that if you really want something then you should go after it as best you can. There is no one besides yourself who can help you achieve your dreams.


Welcome to Milestone Events By Kristy's blog page. Since starting up the business I have booked clients, gained contacts and have had some great experiences along the way. I truly enjoy what I am doing and look forward to what the upcoming years has in store for me and my company. I am the prime example that anyone can change our lives but you have to have the ambition and drive to do so.

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