Friday, September 25, 2009

Wedding Shoe Game

Recently, I had the pleasure to work with James Tramondo of Davi weddings and witness a fun must have game at any wedding. I will definitely start to mention this to all of my brides and encourage them that if they are looking for a good laugh for them and their guests to try this game.
The Wedding Shoe game is similar to The Newlywed Game, but the questions are much different. The bride and groom will take their places in the center of the dance floor and stand back to back. They will take off their shoes and the bride will hold one of her shoes in her right hand and one of the groom's shoes in her left hand. The groom will hold the bride's shoe in his left hand and his own shoe in his right hand. The emcee will ask such questions as, "Who is the messiest? Who handles the money?" and "Who snores the loudest?" The couples will answer the question by raising the appropriate shoe. This game is always good for laughter from guests.
The best time to have this game is either right before or after the cake cutting ceremony.
I will definitely to try and incorporate this more in the weddings I plan.

Check out this video to get an idea of this game am sure it will be huge hit with all your guests.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I always like to give kudos where I think it is well deserved. Recently this year I have made a great contact with the Global Accounts Manager of HelmsBriscoe, Chrissy Limetti. At first I was unaware of this company but since working with Chrissy I learned of the amazing service they offer. HelmsBriscoe is a company that does business by representing clients that they can create a great match between the needs of a planner and the right hotel. Because they work on behalf of their clients and not as a hotel representative, they diligently research hotels all over the world to find the best location and price based on the criteria you provide. Best of all it is all FREE!!!! They also pass along special rates, availability and promotions. Regardless of the size or number of meetings that clients typically books, they enjoy the rates and concessions associated with the collective buying power of all of their clients.

Give me a call or shoot me an email if you want more details on how HelmsBriscoe can help you.

Thanks for all your help Chrissy!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jordin's 1st Birthday

One of the greatest milestones that we witness in our lives is to see a baby turning one. This past week my own little girl had her first birthday. We enjoyed a very initmate outside party with our friends and family. The party was a princess theme. The theme was actually started with my sister in law who was making Jordin her own princess doll cake. It is a terrble shame that she unfornatuly couldn't finsh the cake due to a family emergancy. She makes amazing cakes that are the shape of an actualy woman (brides, queens, princess, etc.) I hope to be able to share a picture with you soon. The party was filled with crowns, wands, jewels, candy, chocolate...everything you can imagine for a royal princess

The day started with much running around to get the balloons, flowers, candy all set up. With the help of my husband I was able to get backyard ready in time for when the food arrived as well as the arrival of some early guests. As people started to arrive you can see the anxiety continue to overwhelm Jordin's face. She was not a happy camper being passed around and everyone laughing and talking in her face. It was not before long that her temper blew and she was now a very unhappy princess. With the help of a nap she woke up in a much better mood. The kids at the party enjoyed games, cotton candy, lollie pops and a candy buffet.

Overall we had a very successful and pleasent day but the next time I want to have a party at my house; mental note self I am EXHAUSTED from it!! I have to rember to keep telling myself that having a party at an event space or resturant makes for less stress than having to entertain at your own house.


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