Monday, May 16, 2011

Shoe Inspiration

Now I don't know a girl who doesn't love shoes!! I saw this posted on a very chic and whimsical facebook page that always post all things pretty (Calligraphy by Jennifer) and she had this album of amazing shoes!! I just couldn't pass the opportunity up to share with all of you. A bride’s style is present in every single detail of her look hair and makeup, to the accessories, including fabulous shoes! While the wedding dress may remain in classical light and pure shades, the shoes can add a dash of color and character to the entire look! I love shoes that is in line with a wedding color scheme.

While looking at these shoes I was immediately inspired to start looking at wedding gowns then to 2nd wedding gowns that would look wonderfully paired off as you dance the night away. I started thinking how some would be good for bridesmaids and picturing their dresses. Then to the flowers, lighting and decor...Its amazing how one thing can set the spark and give you inspiration to visualize a whole event!

Happy Planning (and now day dreaming about Jimmy Choo's and Valentino's thanks to me!!)

Milestone Events by Kristy!

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